Patient Appointment Scheduling

Patient Appointment Scheduling is an integral part of the revenue cycle. Maintaining a smooth, efficient process can ensure that healthcare providers provide quality care and generate revenue.

Patient Appointment Scheduling

Importance of Patient Appointment scheduling

Long hold times, advance authorization needs, and uncoordinated processes significantly impact patient gratification and affect physician referrals. Missed Appointments create many problems disturbing the scheduling process and subsequently increases the costs. Patient convenience is paramount in appointment scheduling. Providing them flexibility in scheduling appointments reduces no-shows. Engaging patients through online portals and concurrently sending automated reminders through e-mails and messages help in avoiding no-shows. The providers can easily maintain their schedule by minimizing long wait times through effective management of appointments.

Effectively utilize your resources with Patient Scheduling Services:

The staff requires spending a considerable amount of time to call the patients for scheduling, re-schedule, or canceling an appointment. Much time is wasted on the patient appointment process and makes the staff lose focus leading to costly errors. Allowing the patient to self-schedule their appointment through online portals elevates patient engagement and considerably reduces the patient scheduling expenses. Eliminating time wastage helps us to increase patient satisfaction. The manual method of scheduling is cumbersome, inefficient, and tedious. Using Patient Scheduling services, you can increase staff productivity, avoid distractions that lead to costly mistakes, proactively engage the patients, and cut back on unwanted costs affecting the revenue cycle.

Patient Scheduling services play a crucial role in assisting the provider with effective patient scheduling and help drive more revenue.

Business Integrity Services (BIS) approach for effective Patient Appointment:

- We possess user-friendly online portals for scheduling appointments for a seamless registration process. - Complete patient information is collected, patient eligibility assessed, and advance authorization needs are identified.

- Provider availability double-checked before making an appointment.

- Using short message service (SMS) and emails, we help physicians and patients to communicate directly.

- Our system is aided with automated reminders for the appointment and for both patients and physicians to minimize re-schedules and no-shows.

Patient Appointment Scheduling Services

Leverage our Patient Scheduling Services for the financial health of your Revenue Cycle

We aid you to streamline your revenue cycle with our efficient services for Patient Appointment Scheduling:

- Proactive Patient Engagement

- Automated reminders are sent through phone and emails

- Minimized No-Shows

- Proper follow-up

- Easy re-scheduling of appointments

- Organized calendar schedules for Physicians

- Enhanced Management of appointments

- Round the clock appointment scheduling

- Providing a complete record of a patient with end-to-end tracking

Your Right Choice

By asking the right questions, we help you understand the patient requirements better and frame successful strategies for providing quality care. Our streamlined patient scheduling process and coordinated management of appointments help you gain the patients' trust while optimizing your revenue cycle management. We specialize in solving patient scheduling issues, minimizing long waiting times, and efficiently managing your revenue cycle process. Opt our services and stay well ahead in providing quality care while optimizing your revenue cycle.

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