Business Development and Patient Acquisition

BIS acts as an internal outreach team for our partners to grow business leads and referral sources. Our team can virtually search, contact, and build relationships with medical providers to obtain new patient referrals.

Inside Business Development

• Market by phone and electronically to new and existing referral sources.

• Maintain consistent communication with referral source to provide up to date service offerings, physician credentials, and provider networks.

• Obtain referrals without the need for or in conjunction with boots on the ground sales reps.

• Updates to referral sources for patient referrals sent by the referral source.

• This provides a proven more cost-effective process than the traditional coffee/donuts, lunch presentation traditional model.

Training and Quality Assurance

• Full training and quality assurance team can be built for each client

• Provide on-boarding without the burden of stateside staff

• Ongoing training to adjust with the clients needs and new service offerings

• Quality Assurance provides proactive and real time quality assurance reviews and coaching

• Metrics tracked to provide visibility to individual and representative trends to ensure the highest level of customer service.