Medical Records Management

Medical Records Management is the system of process, protocols and procedures for the governance of patient data and information.

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Importance of medical records management system

Patient records and information maintenance is crucial for any healthcare organization. Medical records help in interest of both the patient and the medical service provider. Providing the best health care services for the patient from the reception to diagnosis and treatment is the primary motive of any healthcare provider. However, documenting the entire information and events pertaining to each patient and maintaining the same for records and future reference is very critical. Record maintenance is the sole evidence for the doctors to prove their treatments to the patient. It shows the diligence and quality of care delivered by the healthcare provider. It also plays a key role in the entire revenue cycle management of the organization.

Hence, Medical Document Management System has gained significance for versatile solutions which will integrate the patient medicals records data with the regular workflows of the complete revenue cycle management.

A good medical records management system should ensure the following features:

• Fast and Easy accessibility for timely retrieval

• Proper labeling and organizing that ensures accuracy

• Adequate controls to ensure confidentiality, quality and accuracy of the records created and managed

• Data security to curb data theft, tampering, unauthorized usage

• Compliant with all legal regulations

• Secure and comprehensive disposal methodologies

Medical record management system at BIS

At Business Integrity Services, we provide a centralized Electronic medical record management system that is completely paperless. This provides remote access to any document at any time for the authorized users to retrieve any data that they want. It also saves huge space required for paper storage.

We also help integrate the paper-based documents with the electronic patient records for faster and complete access of the patient information. Also, we customize our solutions to specific requirements of the user and store them accordingly.

Our records management solutions provide improved data quality and accuracy. This improves productivity and optimize medical practices. Our data capture, maintenance and output models provide analysis feature which in turn improve the overall operational efficiency of the healthcare organization and thus increasing the bottom line of the organization.

Our centralized storage platform helps in increasing the workflow efficiency with quick turn-around time for access and retrieval. With robust technology records are highly secured and with state of art access controls to ensure no data breach. All data is protected with controls and security at various levels.

Our medical record management system helps healthcare providers and organizations to provide seamless medical services and enhance the overall patient care and experience. It strategizes higher productivity and revenue through its high standard protocols and procedures.

Attorney Requests – At BIS, we also provide coverage to medical records requests from attorneys on personal injury cases. Our team not only submits the requested medical records, we also follow-up with attorney on payments of the personal injury cases. Subpoena requests from Attorneys were also reviewed and responded appropriately.

Our strong compliance team ensures all the elements in medical records are submitted along with the billing information. Team also discusses with Attorneys over phone in case of reimbursement being low and disputes them with proper validation.

We have dedicated team available in various geographic location to respond to the emails and call backs from Attorneys, Medical exam reviewer or any bulk medical records requests from insurance.

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