Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Convenient, saves time, efficient and great control over the procedures

Call Center

Fixing appointments prior to the patient’s visit to the hospital, physician referral services etc

Medical Practices

- Private Practice, Group Practices, Employed Physician practices and so on

call center

Call Centre

As the healthcare industry is rapidly growing in today’s world, many competing trends have been introduced which impact the growth of the healthcare organization significantly. Internet and smartphones have reached every nook and corner of the world, and have become very popular mode of communication. With this technological development, it has become easier for the call centres to ingrain their roots and enhance their sector in the healthcare organization

The services of the call centres include: - Fixing appointments prior to the patient’s visit to the hospital, physician referral services, appointment reminders on the day of appointment, post-discharge follow-up, patient satisfaction surveys, insurance claims status and so on. The healthcare call centres offer outbound calling as well

Patient satisfaction should always be the key motive in the healthcare call centre. The best way to check this criteria is by collecting patient feedback. The call centre’s aim should always make things simpler for the patients and to be compassionate while dealing with the patients. A carefully planned and well implemented healthcare call centre, will deliver superior patient service, undoubtedly

medical practices in healthcare

Medical Practices

There are a number of Medical practices in the healthcare organization namely: - Private Practice, Group Practices, Employed Physician practices and so on. As a medical professional, it is their own responsibility and preference to choose what type of practice best meets their career goals. As the patients requirement may vary person to person, different types of medical practices exist to deliver effective healthcare to its patients

Physicians can excel by practicing any of the medical services


Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Ambulatory Surgery Centers, also known as outpatient surgery centers which offer same day surgical procedures where the patient receives quality surgical care and is released home the same day. These centers do not offer emergency care unit. The etymology of the word ambulatory comes from the Latin verb ‘ambulare,’ which means ‘to walk.’ The patient treated in these surgical centers do not need any kind of admission to the hospital instead they would be treated as outpatient and are well enough to return home on the same day after the procedure

Ambulatory Surgery Centers are centers that provide diagnostic or primary health care services. These centers treat only the patients who have already consulted a healthcare provider and are much aware of what type of surgery or treatment they are about to undergo according to their condition. These ambulatory surgery centers have separate operation rooms which are well equipped and ensure the optimal patient care