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At Business Integrity Services, we help you grow your revenue and achieve greater profitability. Being one of the industry leading healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing companies, we take care of your back-office tasks, provide you with complete liberty to focus in delivering your core strength of rendering quality health care to your patients and enhance your customer satisfaction levels. Our medical billing service provide an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution aimed to improve your efficiency. With our expertise, we streamline your processes in medical billing for optimal profitability and performance.

BIS Medical Billing Services Team

Our highly professional Medical Billing team meticulously work with you for a seamless transition while developing a customized approach designed to meet the overall objectives of your organisation. By choosing us as your medical billing services partner, your bills and claims would be processed almost 50% faster and you could get paid up to 20% more. Being technology agonistic, our billing services would seamlessly connect with any billing company software you have already implemented and focus to improve your results. Our dynamic and customizable healthcare revenue cycle management services through clinical, financial, and operational processes streamlining, will help in achieving high level of effectiveness and thus enhance your overall efficiency in billing medical services.

medical billing services process

With our experienced team and analytics in medical billing practice, we understand the processes better and hence invest resources and time into the initial stages of claim process. With effective Insurance eligibility verification process, we stay on top with the patients’ medical history, coverage details and authorization. We also keep your team informed about it. Patient demographic entries in medical billing services play another crucial role in reducing denials and improving your revenue cycle. Our well-trained team ensures that patient demographics such as name, DOB, contact number, contact address, insurance details, medical details, etc. are updated accurately and have no issues.

This is a crucial step in any best medical billing services companies. This will avoid rework of claims and help in quick process of the bill claims. We also harness on latest technology to anticipate and prevent coding and billing errors while maximizing the desired output. These avoid costly time delays and denials at the back end. We also run the claims through effective quality checks before submission to ensure that our submissions are clean, and the rate of approvals remains at the highest levels. You would be able to see a significant change in the speed of your revenue cycle.

As part of our services, we offer an array of fully customized online reports for your practice. These reports provide an in-depth and clear insights into various dimensions of revenue cycle management, provider performance, insurance reimbursements, and more. These reports provide information for upgrading the various processes. Allow us being your medical billing partner to streamline your claims reimbursement and patient invoicing processes and coding to ensure you maximize revenue and collect every dollar for the services you have rendered.

As one of the experienced,medical billing outsourcing company, we deliver the support you need, be a key to scale up your financial growth and increase your company’s bottom line and provide better cash flow to operate. Also, through our transparent, robust reports you always get to know where you stand financially.

Our Key Differentiators In Medical billing Services:

• Robust customer relationship management tool.

• Dedicated team to take inbound calls to fix appointments and follow up with patients.

• Insurance credentialing application completion and follow-up.

• A dedicated Billing Account Manager to wipe out any communication gap.

• Daily submission of claims to ensure prompt payment.

• Claim scrubbing to prevent costly denials.

• Authorization verification and tracking.

• Creation and mailing of patient statements.

• Appeals and follow-up on denied claims to ensure maximum reimbursement.

• Secure, HIPAA-compliant billing platform that enables efficient communication.

• Online customizable reports that provide complete transparency of the services flow.

• Percentage pricing to ensure less overhead.

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