Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue cycle management in healthcare typically starts with the first step of the patient making an appointment with the hospital and ends when all claims are processed.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Checking the eligibility and verifying the insurance are two essential factors to ensure the insurance coverage and determining the patient’s responsibility to pay for their healthcare services


It is a check to go through if the insurance company agrees to cover certain prescribed medications or medical procedures. Authorization is also known as precertification and it is required only for certain services

Medical Billing

Medical billing includes a series of process. The process concentrates on accuracy, security and quality which results in best healthcare services to the patients

Coding & Coding Audits

Coding Audit in healthcare organization is the determination of the medical coding policies and procedures. It is a review and analysis of submitted and prebilled claims

Collections - Medical Insurance

Most Insurance companies collect co-payment collection at the time of service at the healthcare organization. It is the responsibility of the healthcare staff to check the eligibility of the patient with the insurance taken and collect the co-payment

Medical Records Management

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is being used in the healthcare organization to maintain, organize and retrieve the medical records of the patients. An EMR is usually used in a single provider’s office

Payment Posting

The payment processing team decides in transferring pending balances if any to the insurers and resolves the credit balance issues

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence converts raw data into useful and understandable data. BI is constantly revolutionizing the healthcare industry and working towards betterment


. Credentialing is involved in the hiring process in the healthcare organization. The check is carried over by a specialist or electronic service

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a very important process which analyses and focuses on patient records, diagnoses, cost and many more in order to gain insights and helps in decision-making of the healthcare organization


The contract includes benefits, compensation, conditions of termination and a lot more. Contracts are essential in all industries to avoid certain unnecessary problems as these documents stand as a proof as and when required

Collections - Patient Responsibility

It is the responsibility of a patient with an HDHP (high-deductible health plan) insurance, to pay the medical bills on their own until their deductible is met. HDHP covers only accidents or emergencies and results in high out of pocket costs

Customer Call Centre including Scheduling

The call centre professionals act as a liaison between the patient and the healthcare organization and are expected to know all the necessary information about the hospital. Call Centre in the healthcare organization is an added advantage as it renders numerous benefits

Accounts Receivable

Revenue Cycle Management plays a vital role in accounting as RCM refers to the financial process to track the revenue of the healthcare organization.

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