We specialize in customizing business solutions for healthcare systems and providers. We support our partners by enhancing the patient experience, accelerating business growth, and achieving unparalled success in revenue cycle management.

Our winning strategy? Putting people first. By meticulously managing operations with skilled teams across three distinct geographies, we ensure excellence in every aspect and empower our clients to maintain a patient-centric approach to care.

Since 2019, Business Integrity Services, or BIS, has worked side by side in the medical industry with providers, payors, office staff and management, and compliance to guarantee seamless business processes that allow every patient to receive the highest and most personalized attention at every step in their treatment plan.

Because of our experience and internal training development, we now proudly serve organizations in other professional industries that require a personable and bilingual appointment scheduling team that also drives referrals and business growth.

The BIS Experience

BIS Solutions in Motion