What is Charge Entry in Medical Billing?

01 March 2022
What is Charge Entry in Medical Billing

Importance of Charge Entry in Medical Billing

In medical billing the most complex and greatest challenge faced is charge entry. It is a process where the crucial data and inputs are entered to seamlessly capacitate the claims process. It is vital for the information entered to be free of errors and accurate. Let's see What is charge entry in medical billing?

What is Charge Entry in Revenue Cycle Management?

An accurate monetary value is given as per the coding for every single patient account created, making medical billing charge entry crucial. Indeed, the charge entry determines the reimbursements for the medical services offered by the physician. It is required to carry out an error-free and precise charge entry as claims denial ensues this vital step. Hence it is expected to have an excellent collaboration of both charge entry and medical coding teams.

Steps Involved in the Process of Medical Billing Charge Entry:

The following are the seven steps involved for charge entry in medical billing:
1) Collection of relevant medical documentation – is done through a proper system of medical records management.
2) Recording the medical billing details – such as the demographic information of the patient, date of the medical service provided, place of service offered, details of the billing provider and the referring provider, admission time and date, and many such crucial details.
3) Automation of workflow - for everyday reporting and smooth coordination for compliance on filing without delays.
4) Analyzing the imported charges – to ensure the accuracy and quality of the process for medical coding purposes.
5) Comply to preset rules fixed by provider – for the different types of medical services and specialties extended.
6) Check for pending documents – every day with the clients, to minimize or avoid a backlog.
7) Audit and Identify - any missed charges or cases of overcharged bills and scrutinize for accurate medical coding services..

Benefits Of Charge Entry In Medical Billing:

• Enhanced productivity and optimized accuracy
• Timely filing of claims
• Reduced backlog
• Denials Analysis
• Improved revenue by spotting the missed income

Seamless and Simplified Charge Entry:

It’s crucial to be attentive to every single piece of information and ensure that the correct details are recorded. Unless the data is accurate, the submitted claim does not get approved. A Seamless charge entry aids the practice in receiving proper and on-time reimbursements.

Business Integrity Services highly experienced and proficient team makes it simple and takes you through a seamless process of charge entry to reduce the errors and claim denials while helping you to avoid revenue leakage.