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14 March 2023
role of payment posting in rcm

Payment posting in medical billing: A Pivotal key for an efficient Revenue Cycle Management of any healthcare

Payment posting in medical billing plays a significant role in enhancing healthcare organizations' revenue cycle management. The crucial steps, such as posting, reconciling posting activities with deposits and deposit functions, are part of the critical payment posting process. Due to this, we can stay assured that this payment posting in healthcare has an undeniable and robust influence on managing their healthy flow of finance and cannot get taken for granted.

With the help of this significant process, accurately identifying errors is quickened and instantly aids you in resolving the errors. It offers a clear financial picture of the various day-to-day EOBs insurance payments, ERAs insurance checks, patients' expenses, Etc.

Significance of Medical Billing Process

The Medical Billing process would be the most significant component of any medical practice to offer them a seamless operation of their revenue cycle. The health of your revenue depends upon the efficiency and preciseness of your medical billing process, as it gets you paid right for the rendered medical services. With a seamless billing process, it is easier for the healthcare providers, the doctors, the nurses, the lab technicians and other staff to get paid promptly.

The medical billing team must be highly proficient and possess unique knowledge about the follow-up of claims, claim denial resolutions, accurately posting the payments, making the required bill adjustments promptly, meticulously appealing for submissions and managing the collections efficiently. With that, they need to thoroughly understand the various medical regulations and be aware of both policies concerning private and public insurance plans. If all these components get efficiently managed, it can ensure the healthcare practice an enhanced and healthy flow of revenue. Hence a well-planned and systematic medical billing process is pivotal for any healthcare organization to succeed.

Payment posting in medical billing

You get a clear financial picture of the daily payments and learn about the financial status of the healthcare practice with the help of payment posting. You can also refer to recording the charges in the medical billing software as payment posting. It aids in conducting a precise analysis for determining revenue leaks and assists in resolving them immediately. Your healthcare organization can enjoy having a better view of the several insurance EOBs, ERAs insurance checks and the overall payments collected from the patients.

Importance of Accuracy in Payment Posting Process

Owing to the numerous steps involved and since there is a consistent increase in processing claims daily, one can expect quite a few issues to occur. Hence, careful consideration is needed for this complex process to minimize such problems. For avoiding significant loss by the healthcare practice, accuracy is pivotal in payment posting to ensure steering clear of claim rejections, delayed payment from the patients or sometimes missed billing the patient ultimately. If this vital process gets neglected, it can significantly impact the healthcare practice's patient satisfaction levels, efficiency and overall seamless function.

Though it is a simple task, the payment posting process sculpts the underlying feature of the healthcare's revenue cycle. An accurate payment posting significantly maximizes the revenues through careful examination of the revenue cycle by instantly posting the actual reason for any occurring or recurring issues and addressing them immediately.

Understanding the Payment posting process flow

The two elements we need to consider for the payment process from a business outlook are the money collected from customers and the outbound payments to several partners, employees, suppliers and beyond. These two transactions act as an ever-revolving door in the payment lifecycle.

Outbound payments follow the below steps in case of international cross-border payments:

• The beneficiary gets examined.

• The exchange rate gets approved.

• Transaction details get reviewed.

• Screening and compliance checks get done.

• Finally, the transaction gets done.

The central role of payment posting in revenue cycle management of the Healthcare practice

Payment posting process is integral to your revenue cycle management despite your in-house billing or usage of a third-party billing service. When done right, this process makes the task of determining the several chances of maximizing your revenue by keenly monitoring to identify the practices' day-to-day trends. Owing to the tremendous prospect of payment posting, it is crucial to have an accurate process for maximizing profits and effortlessly streamlining the medical billing process.

Without a doubt, payment posting offers several benefits in creating a healthy RCM. Below are some critical advantages of payment posting in the RCM of any healthcare, ultimately increasing your revenue flow.

Payment Posting's benefits for a seamless Revenue Cycle Management

Maintaining high accuracy in payment posting for a seamless medical practice's functions is inevitably crucial, fairly elevating patient satisfaction levels and improving overall efficiency and enhancing financial performance. Let us now see the significant benefits of the same:

1. Keeps the analysis of the revenue cycle simple

2. Aids in Recognizing and removal of recurring issues

3. Less Claim Reimbursement time

4. Assistance for processing massive data

5. Increased Accuracy of Claim Submissions to the Secondary Payers

Choose BIS for a hassle-free payment posting process to enhance your RCM

One of the major challenges every healthcare practice faces is efficient and accurate payment posting. Delegating financial issues to highly trained professionals is paramount for rendering quality medical services and contributing enhanced premium medical care. Handling the overall billing or financial process requires exceptional commitment and accuracy.

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