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15 March 2023
role of medical coding in healthcare

With the constant advancement of the healthcare industry, it is alarming fact to be agreed that medical billing and medical coding are crucial components of medical practices.

The significant role played by medical billing and coding experts is paramount in aiding healthcare providers to be paid promptly and accurately for the various medical services provided. Hence professionals with extensive knowledge and experience are incredibly crucial in the medical billing and medical coding process for better understanding to interpret, record and monitor the fine details in medical data promptly while maintaining patient confidentiality.

In this blog, we shall discuss how vital medical billing and coding are for the future of healthcare.

Medical coding process:

The complex process of interpreting the medical procedures and the diagnoses made for the patient into accurate medical codes for claims submission is called the medical coding process.

Healthcare providers require to be reimbursed by the insurers for the specific medical services they have rendered, and this process plays a vital role in making it happen. Owing to the requirement of paying attention to minute details, medical billing and coding is a remarkably specialized field and requires excellent knowledge and proper training.

Significance of medical coding services:

It is appropriate to mention that these complex services are paramount for healthcare’s future for quite a few reasons.

1. As people tend to age, you can expect an increased demand for various medical services. So this, in turn, creates a massive number of insurance claims to be submitted, hereby, the need for professional and well-trained medical billers and coders.

2. Insurance companies are determining various ways to save money as there is a constant rise in healthcare costs. The most common way they achieve it is through claims denial for those which need to be accurately coded or adequately documented.

3. Hence, medical billers and coders need to possess excellent training and expert knowledge to understand, pay attention to even the finest details, and accurately carry out the medical coding process and diagnoses.

4. Not only that, but the healthcare system has also seen many changes after the Affordable Care Act, which profoundly impacted medical billing and coding. To mention one profound change, preventive services have received new codes from ACA and executed a fee schedule for Medicare services.

With such significant changes implemented, it has become essential for medical billers and coders to be even more brilliant and stay up-to-date with the recent guidelines for coding.

5. In recent days the healthcare industry has majorly evolved with the advancement in technology which has propelled the role of medical coding to greater levels. With the onset of electronic health records (EHRs), medical billers and coders require a greater level of updated knowledge and, at the same time, also find it easier to adapt to this technology efficiently.

These significant changes undermine the vital role played by thoroughly knowledgeable and adeptly trained professionals for seamlessly carrying out the complex medical coding process. Without a doubt, the future of healthcare depends on it.

The key benefits offered for seeking a career in medical coding services:

One can be assured of various benefits by pursuing a medical billing and coding career.

1. Lucrative Pay –is one of the most significant benefits. The Medical Coding experts are likely to receive a relatively decent salary, which can reasonably increase depending on their years of experience or specialization in any specific area.

2. Work-Life Balance –comes next for these medical billing and coding professionals. This career enables coders and billers to carry out their work from home, creating flexibility in their daily schedules.

3. Growth factor –With the recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act, owing to the rapid increase in the ageing population, you can expect significant growth within the next few years.It sure would be the right choice for those seeking a steady and fulfilling career.

Possible challenges for coding professionals in healthcare:

1. Frequent change in codes:Medical coding professionals are challenged with the frequently changing codes and must handle them with utmost precision. In over thirty years, the major update to the ICD code set would be the ICD-11 which was set to get released in 2018.

2. Claim Denials:This is yet another frequent challenge faced by coding professionals when insurance companies deny claims. The policies for reimbursement held by the insurance companies undergo consistent changes resulting in many claim denials. By staying updated, they can easily steer clear of denials.

3. Paying attention to details:The most challenging part is to have to pay attention to the finest details even as you are familiar with the codes and terminologies. It is essential to ensure that the codes get organized accordingly. Understanding the information, interpreting it accurately, recording the process, and keenly monitoring the highly detailed medical information can be stimulating.

Why is it necessary to outsource medical coding?

The process of submitting claims must be maintained with high efficiency and accuracy and remains highly crucial for any healthcare organization. Medical coding can be a tedious and challenging process when decided to be done in-house and also make you end up spending much.

Hence the most crucial decision for a healthcare organization would be to decide about medical coding outsourcing to an excellent and professional medical coding company and allow them to handle this most complicated process seamlessly.

Some of the top benefits are as follows:

1. Costs are greatly Minimized

2. Time and Resources are saved so you can focus on core medical care areas

3. High levels of Patient Satisfaction

4. Significant increase in Efficiency and Productivity

5. The excellent drive for revenue


To be precise, there is a promising future with great opportunities for those who pursue medical coding. At the same time, also be aware that some challenges must be overcome before you get yourself latched to this system. It is highly recommended to place your trust in expert medical coding companies who will help you steer clear of all the challenging hurdles ahead.

BIS for propelling you towards a robust process of Medical Coding:

Business Integrity Services has years of experience in handling the medical coding process and is glad to offer you a seamless journey of the medical coding process, keeping denials at bay and facing all obstacles with ease. We aid in staying up-to-date with all the new changes and advanced technology, helping you propel yourself to significant levels in your coding career.